Wilson: Kreidler statement destructive approach during these extraordinary times

OLYMPIA…The hostility of a recent statement put out by Washington’s insurance commissioner greatly concerns Sen. Jeff Wilson, R-Longview, who shared the following comments in response to Commissioner Kreidler’s inappropriate comparison of Republicans to the terror organization, the Taliban.

“We are in extraordinary times of duress and are dealing with troubling government overreach. Everyone is passionate about their beliefs and people are rightfully speaking out on issues they care about, even as we all try to get through these times together. I’m disappointed that a statewide elected official such as Mike Kreidler would choose such hostile and inflammatory language for his statement. It violates basic standards of decorum.

“We need to work together and show basic human respect for each other rather than attack one another if we want Washington to recover and move forward from our current circumstances. I hope Mr. Kreidler will issue an apology and return his focus to the real business here at home. The citizens of Washington do not elect our officials to meddle in other states’ policies.”